Overtone flutes
Human voice

Janne Ojajärvi is a musician and music teacher living in Helsinki (Finland). Janne has specialized in harmonicas, overtone flutes and human voice. Janne performs as a soloist and with ensembles.


jannen maisteritutkintokuva
(photo: Liisa Haapanen)

In his concert Janne jumps smoothly from the world of blues to soundscapes of natural overtones and ancient timbres. With him he carries a mass produced instrument – harmonica. The sound of this steel sandwich is companied with the voices of overtone flute, throat singing and beatboxing. In this concert industrial and pre-industrial soundscapes will meet and get all mixed up.



(photo: Samuli Tanninen)

Trio Beoir has retained their roots of joyful busking in their performances. Trio Beoir plays traditional, new and their own tunes based on Finnish and Irish folk music. They have been performing lately in Helsinki’s and Tartto’s streets, clubs and wine houses. The trio also had couple of tours in Germany during year 2018. Trio Beoir’s strength lies in tight ensemble play and energetic presence. They give you a warm introduction to Irish and Nordic folk music performed by violin, harmonica, guitar and percussions. In addition to the fiddle Trio Beoir’s sound scapes are coloured also by more rare instruments like musical saw, jaw harp and throat singin. Trio Beoir published their first EP in year 2018.


Ojajärvi Blom Ojajärvi
(photo: Janne Ojajärvi)

Ojajärvi Blom Ojajärvi is a trio of Janne Ojajärvi, Venla Ilona Blom and Joonas Ojajärvi. The trio’s players have playing with a variety of ensembles like Paja, Tuuletar, 5/5, Trio Beoir, Folkswagen, Hurja Halla, Yhden Penkin Pojat, Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto and Piirainen Blom Company. The sound of the trio comes from a modern combination of overtone futes, beatboxing and cittern.

Ojajärvi Blom Ojajärvi is:

Janne Ojajärvi – overtone flutes, bass overtone flutes, didgeridoo, jawharp, harmonica, throat singing, backing vocals
Venla Ilona Blom – beatboxing, vocals
Joonas Ojajärvi – cittern, backing vocals, bass


Helsingissä majaansa pitävä kansanmusiikkihenkinen duo. Sello, huuliharput, pitkähuilut, munniharput, laulu ja kurkkulaulu.

Liisa Haapanen – sello, laulu
Janne Ojajärvi – huuliharput, pitkähuilut, munniharput


TEACHER (Harmonica, overtone flutes & jaw harp)


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