Hurja Halla is a Joensuu-based Finnish folk music duo. Its music is composed by two multi-instrumentalists: Janne Ojajärvi and Liisa Haapanen. Duo’s music could be described as Nordic folk music with a twist of experimental touch.

Hurja Halla’s debut album Riitti (self-released) was published in January 2022. The album has been played in different radio stations around the Europe (World Music Charts Europe #14 in April/2022).

”It is this variety of tone and mood, often within a single composition, that makes Riitti such an absorbing listening” (Songlines Magazine UK, June 2022 issue, 4/5 stars review.

”Hurja Halla’s music encourages a freedom, independence and release of one’s spirit.” (Roots Music Report, USA, 21.3.2022, 4/5 stars review)

Hurja Halla:
Liisa Haapanen: cello, human voice, percussions
Janne Ojajärvi: harmonicas, jaw harps, overtone flutes, human voice, percussions


Ojajärvi Blom Ojajärvi is the first ever Finnish contemporary ensemble built around the traditional overtone flute. They mix their soundscapes in a soup bowl of unlikely instrument combinations, throwing in the ancient sound of overtone flutes, the modern yet grounded pulse of beatboxing, and the rich and earthy sound of the cittern.

”There are regular folk music bands that unprejudicedly combine modern and tradition. One of them is Ojajärvi-Blom-Ojajärvi, formed by three experienced musicians, who have released their debut album.” (Aki Yli-Salomäki, YLE)

The ensemble started from an experiment where melodies from the ancient Finnish overtone flute were combined with different musical moods. This overtone lab focuses on the ancient tonal world of overtone flutes and other flutes with no tone holes. Ignoring genre or other limitations, it lets the flute sounds shine through beautiful melodic ambiances or trance-like beats. The trio’s repertoire includes both traditional tunes and original compositions.

Janne Ojajärvi – willow flutes, bass willow flutes, vocals
Venla Ilona Blom – beatboxing, vocals
Joonas Ojajärvi – cittern, vocals


Trio Beoir plays traditional and new-composed songs based on Finnish and Irish folk music tradition. The roots of the Trio Beoir’s Nordic-Irish groove were planted during street sessions which slowly found their way to pubs and festivals.

Trio Beoir’s strength lies in tight ensemble play and energetic presence. They give you a warm introduction to Irish and Nordic folk music performed by violin, harmonica, guitar and percussions.

Tommo Henttonen – fiddle, mandolin, musical saw, vocals
Juha-Matti Kokkonen – guitars, vocals
Janne Ojajärvi – harmonica, tin whistles, willow flute, percussions, vocals


In his concert Janne jumps smoothly from the world of blues to soundscapes of natural overtones and ancient timbres. With him he carries a mass produced instrument – harmonica. The sound of this steel sandwich is companied with the voices of overtone flute, throat singing and beatboxing. In this concert industrial and pre-industrial soundscapes will meet and get all mixed up.

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