Janne Ojajärvi is Finnish artist, composer, lyricist, harmonica & willow flute virtuoso and versatile multi-instrumentalist.

Janne plays many sizes of harmonicas and willow flutes. He is also talented singer and jaw harp player, who combines music technology with acoustic instruments finding continuously new interesting timbres. Janne plays also percussions, tin whistles, wooden horn, keyboards, just to name few. Janne’s main inspiration comes from Finno-Ugric and Nordic traditions, but he loves to innovate new playing techniques inspired by other instruments he plays and by all music styles he listens.

In Janne Ojajärvi Solo Janne sings, plays harmonicas, willow flutes, other folk flutes and jaw harp.

Besides his solo act Janne is also active member of fairytale folk duo Hurja Halla, willowflute-beatboxing-cittern trio Ojajärvi Blom Ojajärvi (OBO) and Nordic folk band Trio Beoir.

Check out the spotify list with the music feat. Janne Ojajärvi.

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